Unity Enterprise aim’s to provide a secure and friendly environment in its business centres which has enabled inner city enterprises and voluntary sector organisations to grow, prosper and develop. Many of our tenants have gone from strength to strength. Some of which started in our Business Incubator. The majority of contributors to the project are our tenants. You can scroll through the gallery to find out more about their background.

Gordon York :“My brother inspired me to go Self-employed, by giving me 20 years’ experience. I have now run my own Cleaning, Removals, and Gardening services (Man with a Van) Business for 3 years having good community relations, there is always more to achieve if you are willing to work hard. Having a good partnership and the support this comes with, now purchasing my own home. My Grandparents ran their own small business in the Caribbean, and my mum had a shop with her dad selling bread and alcohol. My parents came from the same island, but did not meet until they came to England, thinking that the street were paved with gold”

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Windrush Gentlemen

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